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Well it has happened again, another year older, more evidence found of a previous life and a commitment to record a Podcast... read on......

Well here we are again at Epsom downs enjoying a relatively warm day in front of a changed Epsom grandstand. Rob J remarked that they have been flying model aircraft here for as long as he can remember (which is a very long time indeed!) and certainly BSS (Before Surrey Sounds).

The Surrey Sounds tree which (if you have been following the story closely was felled by the October storms of 1987), How, you may ask yourself, do we know this was the actual tree stump that supported the aerial structure?

Well, to hold the 28ft mast to the tree about six rolls of PVC insulating tape were used to attach it to the tree trunk back in 1982 and here is the evidence littered on the forest floor and still there after 24 years. Those DTI boys might have taken our rigs and batteries but they still left us with some memories.
Roger and Rob proudly holding the tape specimens ready for closer examination.
We also had time to visit the Derby Arms pub for a pie and a pint and reminice of 24 years ago when it was used by the Civic radio crew to keep an eye on their rig in the bushes just at the entrance to the pub. We tracked them down and put some Surrey Sounds stickers on their rig but unfortunatly we disturbed something and they came piling out of the pub with us going the other way.
The Podcast is going to happen and we have now booked a studio and an engineer (who was the owner of the recording studio that the Spice Girls first used) for November 23rd. So watch the SS website for more info. There may also be a video made of the occasion for You-Tube.

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