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DDP Radio Dave James / Rob Andrews Clip

The early spark for Surrey Sounds (the Surrey Sounds 10W driver came from here). Rob Andrews (Rob James) was the newsreader. It broadcast from a tree at Spinney Hill in Claygate. Also spawned a BBC Radio 1 DJ (David James) who once threw up on air. Tom Baker (Roger Hall) was the groupie!. Others were Dave the engineer, Paul Kent and Martin Johnson.

Thameside Radio  Thameside New year 79_80 clip

Dave Birdman and Terry Anderson from Uptown later joined forces to produce the Clockwork Radio Co. Additional, well documented, material is also available at Thamesideradio.net, Clockwork Radio , Stephensykes and also in Wikipedia. The Thameside link transmitter used a frequency of 200.25MHz (TV Band III) so my scrapbook says.
One of the most famous London Pirate stations. It had a huge following and always had a good turn-out at outside broadcasts, of which there were many. The most daring and technically challenging was a Thames river cruiser from Kingston-upon-Thames with about 100 people onboard and broadcasting live. An original ticket is shown left.

Radio Suburbia Radio Suburbia - Gerry Sinclair clip
90.5MHz Stereo (91.9MHz from 8/1/83) Saturdays. I can't find much additional material on this station, but it must have been good as I kept the stickers. It broadcast from a tower block in Kingston in glorious stereo. Presenters were Gerry Sinclair, Brian Tharg, Martin Lewis. Mailing addresses used were Riverview Rd, Ewell in Surrey and Dept ED32, PO Box 80, Croyden, Surrey.
Radio suburbia mini poster

Uptown Radio Uptown Radio clip

It Broadcast on 94.4MHz 7-10pm Sundays. Terry Anderson was the main presenter on this high quality station for a while, until joining Thameside in 1984 I believe. Bob Earle did the second spot. Mailing address was Eastworth Rd,Chertsey, Surrey. Uptown was raided on Back holiday Monday 3/5/82 at 8:25pm according to my scrapbook.

Uptown listeners poll 1982 (pdf)
(copyright Terry Anderson)

London Music Radio (LMR) London Music Radio clip
LOndon Music Radio
It broadcast on 94.4MHz Saturdays from 18/7/81. I can't find or remember much about this station other than the car non-sticky car sticker. Hopefully it will jog a few memories. Christopher England, Chris Miles, Mike Ross, Andy Allman, Roger Vosene, Monica and Ricky Stevens were some of the presenters. The tape I have has a link up with BFBS Cyprus and a plug for Surrey sounds so they couldn't be all bad! They also had a day trip to Southend on 8/5/83 when Chris Miles didn't turn up.

Radio Sovereign Radio Sovereign Announcement clip

This was the pioneer of the golden oldie station on 200m medium wave and started broadcasting on the 10th May 1983. They broadcast from a house at 3 Sherland Road, Twickenham. The newsreader used BBC Ceefax to gather the news. More info can be found at the following link:

Radio Alpha GBH in the falklands clip.
Radio Alpha
Radio Alpha Poster

First test transmission on 25/5/81 (Bank Holiday)

Gary Hughes (GBH) was one of the presenters. Others were Tim Gordon (7-8pm), Phil James(8-9), Roger Barry(9-10) and Mark Davis(10-11) were also there. Mailing addresses used were Lexham Gardens, London W8 and 268 Hayling Rd, South Oxley, Herts.

Gary Hughes did a 'broadcast' from the Falklands Islands as part of an advanced British liberation force. I laughed so much I almost wet myself.

They normally broadcast on a Monday night on the Thameside Radio frequency although they also had an occasional Saturday service 7-11pm.

On the 4th September 1982 they had a spot of bother and Thameside broadcast on a Monday night instead. I believe that Thameside had also been raided the night before.

SKYLINE Skyline clip
Broadcast on 90.2MHz Wednesdays  

BORDER RADIO Border Radio clip from Xmas 1983
Run by Harry Marshall and the address was PO BOX 46, Twickenham, TW1 3TY. and also used 2 Napolaean Rd, St. Margarets, Twickenham. Broadcast on 90.2

RADIO FLOSS Clip from July 1982
Broadcast on MW 222m playing rock music, Sunday 10-3pm. One presentater was Paul James.

HILLTOP Clip from October 1982 until raided
Broadcast on 1982 on 90MHz. Address was 6 Westcraft Square, London W6

WEST ESSEX RADIO Clip from 26/12/82
Broadcast only on Bank Holidays on 90.2MHz. Presenter was Dave Ashton.


CIVIC RADIO Civic Radio clip
Tuesdays 90.4 MHz (92.4MHz from 18/1/83)  

PARKSIDE RADIO Parkside last broadcast
Broadcast on 90.2Mhz. Presenter was Barry James. It also did adverts for used cars. Closed down on 30/1/83 after five years but did a plug for Surrey Sounds on the last broadcast which was nice.

Radio Free London (RFL) RFL sample from 3_5_82
Rock station which broadcast on 92MHz. Presenters: Kenny Myers, Debbie Smith, Ian Roberts, Jenny Leather. Mailing address: Melborne Rd, Wimbledon SW19. Came back in April 1983 for a test broadcast after a long break. See also http://www.radiofreelondon.co.uk/

London Weekend Radio(LWR) LWR clip from 4th April 1983
This station broadcast on 92.5MHz. Presenters: Martin James, Johnny Hayward, Paul Stafford, Ricky King, John Dawson.

Hard Rock Cafe HRC clip with Ian Roberts 13/11/83
Broadcast for a short time on 92MHz in 1983. Presenter was Ian Roberts and mailing address was 133 Newcross Rd, Newcross SE14.

Jazz Funk Music (JFM) JFM Announcement 12_12_82 clip

Spin off from Radio Jackie. Presenters were Nigel Owen, Tony Mason, Robbie May, Graham Gold.

Dread Broadcasting Corp (DBC) DBC On YouTube from the 80's

DBC. Rebel radio broadcast from 6/2/1981 broadcasting a variety of reggie, funk, calypso and soca music. Broadcast originally on MW until 22nd November 19?? when they got busted. Continued broadcasting on 103.8MHz in 1983 as the report in the NME stated. The team of DJs included the likes of Neneh Cherry and BBC Miss P.


Radio Bookham Test transmission clip 1983
Not much known about this station except this test transmission in 1983. Broadcast on 90.9MHz.

FORRESTSIDE Clip from 3rd May 1982
Mailing address was 105 Newport rd London E10.; Not much else known about it. Broadcast on 92.8Mhz.

HITS FM HitsFM clip from 1st Nov 1987 with Tony James
Carried a mixed bag of programming in 1987. Presenters were Tim Stuart, Jeff Palace, Marconi and Tony James. Broadcast on 105.5MHz on Sundays and occasionally on Saturdays. Mailing address Balclava Rd, Surbiton, Surrey.

Zodiac Zodiac clip from 1982
Broadcast on 94.4 3-6pm Sundays. Presenters were Roger Vosene, Mike Standing and Steve Mews

Alice's Restaurant Alice's 13/3/82 Clip

Serious Heavy metal/Rock station covering London. Heavily advertised Shades Heavy Metal record store. I can only remember one presenter, Dave Lane. Broadcast 214m MW and on 90.2MHz, 11-2am Saturdays. Their stuido engineer was called Mike Jeffries. Mailing address was 1 St Barnabus Rd, Woodford Green, Essex.

They will shortly return on the shortwave, broadcasting from europe legally using 100kW.


Radio Jackie  

The original land based pirate on the medium wave. Broadcast 24/7 for a few years before being raided and put out of action. It is now a legalised station broadcasting from Tolworth Towers in Hook, SE London. I remember they always did fund raising activities for local charities, one of which was for one of the presenters to sit in a bath of custard for 24hours.



Radio Caroline Return of Radio Caroline 20/8/83
Enough said. Shame that they were not on the FM band in stereo. They are still broadcasting from a Maidstone studio on the Internet and at local DAB transmitters. They do occasional RSLs from the Ross Revenge docked in Tilbury which is in the process of being restored. For further info see the website of the Radio Caroline Support Group at RCSG

See additional material on Radio Caroline at
The 1967 Marine offences act



Laser 558 Laser558 Eurosiege 26/8/85

A competitor to Radio Caroline for a couple of years until they were put out of action by the authorities. Played top40 music to an American format. Additional material at


They also released a single in 1985 called "I spy for the D.T.I" by the Moreonic Surveyors which was quite entertaining.

I Spy for the DTI Clip

The original ship has now been cut up for salvage in the Orkneys.

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