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A re-union of the surviving Surrey sounds crew 23 years on was arranged and executed on 30th September 2006. Here are some of the pictures on a most enjoyable and memorable day for all concerned. We were all apprehecious about meeting each other after such a long time but we needn't have been worried - we got on like a house on fire! For all of us it was a life changing experience with many happy memories of our combined ego trip. Old tapes, scrapbooks and pictures were found in lofts which made the memories easier to recall. It was a shame that Steve Day wasn't there to appreciate it but hopefully he is looking down with a smile on his face.  
The surviving members of the Surrey Sounds crew
The transmitter site as it is today (2006) sadly the actual tree was felled in the October 1987 hurricane.
Rob James and Roger Hall sharing a joke probably at Martin's expense
Rob, Roger and Martin with the partly rebuilt grandstand in the background
At the pub that was used as a meeting place for listeners after each broadcast in Ewell.
The 24th Year Reuion of station staff    

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