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The Surrey Sounds Jingles were legendary. Most of the jingles were recorded at a certain BBC London radio station studio by a certain BBC DJ in 1982. We did have a go ourselves and the best was for the Steve Day late Breakfast show which started with a jingle recording of Gladys frying Bacon, Eggs and sausages in the kitchen.

Recording the Jingles in 1982

30 second clip of the Surrey Sounds Theme tune

MP3 encoded jingles. Click on a jingle to play:

Jingles recorded in 1982 from the original tapes
"Roger Hall; He is 6ft 9, He's got Bulging bisceps, x-ray eyes,.....Green Skin - he is so ugly!
"Rob James is actually slightly balding and nearing 40...."
"Surrey Sounds - 8 out of 10 sheep said their owners preferred it!"
"Steve Day - offshore memories"
Rob James plays with Lego
Surrey Sounds - One hell of a station
Surrey sounds - you've arrived
Roger Hall eats three shedded wheat!
Sawing off that dial
The soft sounds of Surrey Sounds
Steve Day is all mouth and muscles
Surrey sounds is now on the air
Why welcome brothers
Link transmitter on
Interview with Betty in Bentalls
Betty: "....I have been listening to Surrey Sounds for 74yrs now"
Interviewer: "but Surrey Sounds has only just started broadcasting"
Betty: "well I tuned in early just like you have to do for Channel 4"
Jingles re-recorded in 2007 with the help of Ian Lee of ICLMedia
Kingston Highstreet Reporter
Enough to wake the dead
Steve Day Breakfast show
Surrey Sounds Jingle archive podcast (Save to desktop then double-click to hear in Windows Media player)

To listen using iTunes please click on the Subscribe button twice. This will automatically launch iTunes and download the first episode of the podcast. Other episodes can be downloded by clicking the GET button.


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