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OH dear what a bad picture.

I always struggled to find any decent music on the radio on a Sunday night but once I found Thameside on 90.2MHz my life changed for good. After fringe involvement with DDP radio and after attending various Thameside outside broadcasts I never looked back. The land-based pirate scene was in full swing in the early 80's with all types of music catered for.

I had never really listened to Radio Caroline much as I thought the reception was poor on medium wave. I did however go on a day trip to see Radio Caroline which was an awe-insipring experience.

While I was studying at Kingston Polytechnic (University) I was approached by a listener and asked for my autograph which boosted my ego somewhat.

I moved out of the London pirate catchment area so I lost interest a bit. The next thing I knew it was 23 years later and I was an old git with memories and 60 cassette tapes in my loft.

.....and just to finish off with some Bad jokes

What do you call a knome in the paris underground? - A metroknome



Roger Hall Oct 2006

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