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Roger Hall couldn't resist not seeing the Spice Girls in London even if he had some strange looks after booking the tickets. However no one can deny their place in the history books with 9 number one singles and three consecutive christmas number ones equalling the Beatles and if you don't believe me see http://www.thespicegirls.com/facts/timeline and what is more they sold 55million records. Off we went to the O2 arena on the 4th January to see what all the fuss was about.
The O2 arena starting to fill up:  
The stadium errputed when the show started with 'Spice up your life' and carried on with everyone on their feet for the next hour and a half to a full house.
Other songs performed were:  

Stop and Say You'll Be There

Viva Forever




Each of the girls also perfomed a solo number (except posh who did a catwalk instead). The girls even did a change routine whiel on stage in five sepreate cubilcles.
A close-up shot:  
The stage set was excellent and the atmosphere electric and I am glad I went.....next is Kylie!
Roger Hall 7/1/08  
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