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A review of The Who Premier on Monday 5th November 2007 at the Odeon High St. Kensington, London.


Well my amazing journey started on Sunday 4th November when my mobile phone rang displaying an international number. Who (pun intended) an earth could this be I wondered. Well to my surprise it was Nigel Pearson from the Radio Caroline Support Group calling to inform me that I had won two tickets to the Premier showing of the documentary film about The Who called ‘Amazing Journey. I was over the moon (no not a pun as in Keith Moon).

So my wife Ruth and I had to work out how we could meet up in London the next evening and we decided as I work in central London to meet at Waterloo station. The next day I met Ruth at just after 6:30pm only to be told by her that we were meant to be at the venue for 6:45pm. I had left my mobile phone at home and Nigel from Radio Caroline had been trying to call me to tell me the time had changed. Unfortunately the e-mail from Nigel had told me 7:30 so a little bit of miscommunication.

Well despite a very hurried taxi drive to Kensington, which cost an arm and a leg, we managed to pick up our tickets from the box office by 7:15 and in doing so had to walk past all the photographers waiting to catch the celebrities arriving and I swear I heard one of the photographers shout “Martin Hill, over here” he probably recognised me from my DJ days on Surrey Sounds, that or my imagination was running wild. I of course ignored the call unlike some of the celebrities turning up.

Surrey Sounds Martin Hill (Clarke) arrives at the Premier avoiding the paparazzi.
We arrived just as the chap had finished his intro so we went straight into the film which I have got to say is one of the best documentaries I have seen, not just on the Who but any band. The archive footage was superb as was the quality of the sound. The film footage was mixed in with interviews taken with Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend and other known musicians. There were also former and present managers adding to the mixture of music and memories.
Roger Daltrey & Pete Townsend being interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson
I will certainly be purchasing a copy of the DVD and would recommend this to anyone with a taste in 60’s and R&B music.
After the documentary film had finished there was a Question and Answer session hosted by Jeremy Clarkson who I noticed towered above Roger Daltrey when he met him on the stage. I never realised Roger was so short or is it Jeremy is so tall. The questions were a bit brief but entertaining enough with Jeremy’s sense of humour keeping the session lively. Did you know Jeremy Clarkson plays the drums?

When we were about to leave I managed to catch a photograph of Roger and Pete as they were leaving, not the most flattering angle but one for the album.

Pete Townsend & Roger Daltrey

When we got back outside we recognised the singer Paul Young who was being hassled by a homeless person. They kept on saying to Paul, ‘I recognise you’ so Paul said he was someone else famous, I can’t remember who but a few people around him laughed. I caught this picture as Paul was starting to walk away and I thought he was a great sport for chatting with him.
Paul Young being hassled by a homeless person outside the venue
I must say a big thank you to the Radio Caroline Support Group for the tickets and a bigger thank you for doing such a sterling job at restoring the Ross Revenge to its former glory, alas minus the mast and transmitter but never the less another a ship that is a part of our heritage being cared for by a dedicated group.
Check out their web site and lend some support by going to:
I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the Radio Caroline staff who are broadcasting to the world via the internet and from the Sky satellite on channel 0199. Check out the web site at:
Thanks again to the RCSG for giving my wife and I a great night out.
Martin Hill  





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