This Website is in tribute to Steve Kemp (a.k.a Steve Day) who worked on the radio station in the early eighties but sadly passed away in 2003
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Surrey Sounds was founded early in 1982. The main objective was to provide North Surrey with its own local radio station and for the presenters to express their talents.
The North Surrey slot had previously been filled by a station called DDP Radio until its closure early in 1982 due to the increased DTI raids on London's free radio stations and with its main presenter moving into BBC radio.
Following the demise of DDP, several new stations were conceived by various members of the original staff. One of these was Surrey Sounds. Although there were around 26 free radio stations operating in the London area at the time, few of them could reach down into Surrey with an acceptable signal.
The original aim to rectify this situation, was for Surrey Sounds to provide a once weekly service on a Saturday afternoon from 4pm for two hours broadcasting at a frequency of 90.0MHz in crystal clear stereo.
Monthly test broadcasts started on the 25th Sep 1982 and continued until 5th March 1983 when the station transmissions got noticed.....but for the wrong reasons.

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4/4/11 Added link to the Pirate Archive
8/6/08 Pirate Radio memories page updated
12/5/08 Surrey Sounds former DJs do the 26mile Woking Bikethon again
24/2/08 The 25th anniversay of the closing of Surrey Sounds is on 5th March
22/1/08 Martin Clarke (Hill) joins Hospital Radio Wey based in Chertsey, Surrey
4/1/08 Surrey Sounds goes to the O2 to watch the Spice Girls!!
30/11/07 Surrey Sounds rocks with Run-For-Cover
23/11/07 Surrey Sounds makes a Podcast and recreates some jingles just for fun
10/11/07 Surrey Sounds goes to the Woking Beer Festival
5/11/07 Surrey Sounds goes to 'The Who' premier
30/9/07 Surrey Sounds 24th Year reunion
20/8/07 SS supports Ska Electric a charity concert at the Electric Theatre, Guildford, 29th Aug
14/8/07 40th Aniversay of the passing of the Marine offences act which changed the face of british radio
13/5/07 Surrey Sounds sponsors two former DJs to do the 26mile Woking Bikethon in awful weather

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